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Freund Elektronika is headquartered in Odense, Denmark and has its own development department and Technological Innovation Center located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition to our core development team, we maintain a strong network of contracted consultants throughout Scandinavia and the Balkans.

Freund Elektronika offers competitive pricing and high quality services for the electronics development industry

We have access to over 50 highly qualified developers in the fields of Product Design, Real Time Systems, Linux, iOS and Android, as well as front-end and back-end solutions. Besides that, we retain consultants in mechanical design in CAD/SolidWorks, as well as a 3D and CNC prototype workshop, which allows for development of aluminium injection moulding tools for the production of plastic materials in quantities of up to 10,000 units.

Our goal is to maintain highest quality level for development as well as to reduce costs for our customers. Projects are defined and managed by our best developers and carried out in Eastern Europe.
By moving your development and production into areas with lower resource costs, managed and coordinated by specialists from Freund Elektronika, it means that we still maintain high quality and offer our customers security and highly competitive prices.

We can relieve you and your project team with partial or full project responsibility.

Our project agreements are a way for you to outsource a component of a development project. We take on the section you assign to us and return a fully functional product.

Our management will work with yours to make sure that our solution integrates with your other development programs

We can supply a fully assembled prototype of a product and then start production at our production partners in Eastern Europe!

We have the following competencies: Product Design, Embedded MCU SW / HW Development, Embedded Linux SW Development, HW Design in Altium, Product Design in SolidWorks, Design and CNC Manufacturing of Steel and Aluminum Tooling complete production.

We guarantee that our work is done optimally and we never deliver half-solutions to our customers even if it is at our own expense.


Jørgen Freund

Freund Group

General Manager and Owner
at Freund Elektronik A/S

Mr. Jørgen Rubenhagen Freund is co-owner of Freund Elektronika Sarajevo and owner and Managing Director of our Danish subsidiary Freund Elektronik A/S.
Jørgen has over 35 years of experience in management and business development.
Freund Elektronik A/S employs 12 employees working at the head office in Odense/Denmark with two branches in the west and east. The main activities are based on developing, producing, servicing, selling and trading with electronics, low voltage and pneumatic tube systems, and sales of alert and door telephony systems, access control and emergency lighting. Customer groups are electric wholesalers, electricians and electricity dealers, as well as public authorities and major factories.

Kenneth Freund

Memeber of Board
Freund Group

Vice President - Sales
Freund Elektronik A/S

Kenneth Freund has been a part of the company since the year 2000 and is currently a member of the management team. Kenneth is responsible for contact with suppliers, customers and business partners. Throughout the period, Kenneth has worked with sales, including technical support and project description and consulting of architects and engineers during the project phase. Today, Kenneth is also the leader of the Freund Group sales team, which undergoes significant growth in both existing and new markets.

Anel Bektas

General Manager
Freund Elektronika

Electronic Engineer & MBA

Mr. Anel Bektas is our Managing Director and Head of Development at our subsidiary Freund Elektronik A/S, headquartered in Odense.
Educated Electronics Engineer and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from South Danish University in Odense with 20 years of experience in technology as a researcher and engineer, project manager, development manager and technology consultant in technology-related business.
Anel has 10 years of management experience supported by MBA education in modern management. Specialized to manage medium and large technology companies and complex projects.
The main areas of Anel's technical expertise focus on the design of embedded systems, telecommunications systems and precise mini and micro systems that require optimized battery usage.

Jasmin Kevric

Technical Director
Freund Elektronika

M.Sc.E.E & PhD

Dr. Kevric is also Associate professor at International Burch University, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, in Sarajevo.
Jasmin Kevric is our Technical Director and Professor at International Burch University in Sarajevo. Degree BSc from the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Sarajevo and PhD from International Burch University in Sarajevo. Dr. Kevric is our daily manager at our Sarajevo R&D office with expertise in almost all SW disciplines and complex algorithms related to consumer and medical product development.

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