At FREUND Innovation Center we provide a number of foremost development engineers available when your company needs to resolve a project.
We focus on efficiency and profitability.
In addition, we have an active and vibrant network of freelance consultants that we draw upon for specific tasks.

The combination of a solid team and freelancers ensures us a strong market position and optimal conditions to solve any tasks with the best result for our clients. Thus we challenge both our freelancers and our permanent team to stay ahead of developments. We have no prior preferences in the choice of technologies, but the flexibility and skills to choose the solutions that create the best results for your business.

Together, we draw up a technical specification and a testing plan. We'll maintain a constant dialogue throughout the development process to make sure your needs are being met and that the desired result is achieved.

We work in close cooperation with partners worldwide having access to engineers with different areas of expertise using up-to-date technologies. Therefore we have access to special skills that may not be present in your country.

FREUND Innovation Center handles the entire project responsibility. We always advise our customers to try us out with a pilot project before entering into a long term agreement.

What we offer you is "project agreement"

In other words, you outsource part of your project to us, we complete it in our own offices and return a fully functional product. For a project agreement, we put a team together with the requirements of your project in mind.

We have many experienced engineers and an extensive network of consultants to pick from. We'll make sure that the right people are matched up to the right positions. For our project agreements, we always employ a permanent project manager.

The project manager will make sure that the resulting work is exactly what you needed and that it's completed by the (previously agreed upon) deadline. An open dialogue with the project manager is key to creating a productive work environment and facilitating communication among the designers and engineers.

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