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FREUND have expertise in almost all SW discipline and experience in SW design for consumer and medical products.
We can offer our customers complete Turn-key Products, from specification, development, testing, prototypes and production.
We have also a cooperation agreement with various production and assembly companies that are able to produce and store the customer's components and products...


A product design specification (PDS) is a statement of how a design is made (specify the design), what it is intended to do, and how far it complies with the requirements. Requirements may be gathered in the Product Requirement Specification (PRS). Its aim is to ensure that the subsequent design and development of a product meets the needs (or requirements) of the user. Product design specification is one of the elements of product lifecycle management.
A Product Specification is a document that provides critical defining information about a product and can include identification of the manufacturer; a list of rules, bans and standards that apply to the item; design specifications and product images that visually illustrate the product and note distinguishing characteristics. One of the biggest challenges product development teams face is simply how to decide what product to build. In the case of teams that work from a specification for B2B products, particularly in hardware development, engineers are typically not allowed to start working on the product until that spec is completed and approved. And given that most development timelines are incredibly short, there often isn’t enough time to consider alternative solutions as new information comes into view.
Freund R&D team can work with you to establish the parameters of your product specifications and automatically create the appropriate document to meet your reasonable requirements.


We Create Software that Works on All Screens.
It should look great, load fast, work without bugs – YES we can do that!
Each product is made with great care to make it look equally stunning on large desktop screens and mobile devices. Different users have different browsing patterns and navigation preferences. Our custom front end development services rely on creativity and pushing the boundaries to cater all those needs and deliver the same feeling over different devices..
Our front end development toolkit is powered up with the latest technologies and we are always open to adopting new trends, which can bring better results for your product.

We code perfection on the pixel level. The Front-end design services we offer include cross-platform optimization as we use the pixel-perfect approach. Each pixel is utilized to its fullest to create a sharp, coherent and clean look for your product.


FREUND provides professional Back-end & API development services for Mobile applications and Internet of Things, this includes:
Cloud/Back-end Architecture, API design, Development, DevOps
Generally, Back-end is used to collect, process, distribute data over API and enable integrations with third-party systems (including legacy systems) and devices, such as mobile phones, wearables, IoT devices..
The APPs we develop do not only work stand alone, but also send data to the server and synchronise them: user authorization, profiles, location coordinates, instant messages, images/videos, push notifications, etc.

The essential task is to enable communication between FRONT-END interface to devices, mobile apps, server and in some cases complete hardware ecosystem in a real-time fashion: device setup and management, remote firmware updates, sensor data collection, and analysis.
We have gained a proven experience in delivering functional BACK-END & API DESIGN


Whether you need to develop a complex omnichannel solution or mobilize an existing product, we have the technology and industry expertise to develop solutions that can connect people and businesses across a variety of mobile devices.

Multi-screen expertise: smart phone, tablet, smart watch, smart TV, set-top box, gaming console.
Technology expertise: iOS, Android, REACT NATIVE, responsive web, cross-platform development, automation, cloud, IoT, embedded, UI/UX.
Cross-industry expertise: VoIP, medical technology, IPTV, retail, publishing, automotive, security


Embedded system software and hardware has become an integrated part of our lives.
We help companies across all markets continue to push the boundaries of hardware and software design through our dedicated embedded system engineering practice. In addition to having extensive experience with wireless communications protocols and cloud-based technologies, we also follow strict QA procedures compliant with international standards and certifications for safety and quality for mission-critical equipment used in embedded software development.

We help businesses develop smart, integrated solutions that combine sleek hardware and user interfaces with powerful software and connectivity capabilities..
We are integrating latest chips, platforms, and application and system software
Mastering of most used embedded tools
Providing Hardware design in Altium Designer and assembly services in compliance with international standards and certifications.
Following a V-model approach to Embedded Design and Development process,embedded design services from FREUND helps in improving the cost effectiveness of the system over its entire life cycle.
FREUND also follows Agile methodology for Application Development.
FREUND’s offerings under embedded design services include:

- System Architecture
- Operating System Porting
- Hardware Design
- Software Development
- Testing and Validation

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